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I’m excited to introduce GuruNanda Whitening Pulling Oil, a natural and holistic mouthwash designed to elevate your oral hygiene routine. This 8 fl oz bottle comes complete with a convenient tongue scraper, ensuring a comprehensive clean every time you use it.

Crafted with care, this mouth rinse boasts an alcohol-free formula, harnessing the power of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with a blend of 100% pure and natural ingredients. Key among them are MCT Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil, chosen for their refreshing properties and ability to promote oral health.

The benifits of GuruNanda Pulling Oil

Using GuruNanda Coconut & Mint Pulling Oil is a simple yet effective way to enhance saliva production, aid in plaque removal, and support the overall health of your teeth and gums. Incorporating this into your daily routine can result in a cleaner mouth, a brighter smile, and fresher breath.

When I apply I, I simply pour 10-15ml of the oil into my mouth mouth, swish for 2 minutes initially, gradually increasing to 10 minutes over time. Dispose of the used oil in the trash to prevent any potential pipe blockages. For optimal results, make oil pulling a part of your morning routine on an empty stomach.

What’s more, GuruNanda Pulling Oil is proudly made in the USA, using a combination of international and domestic ingredients. It’s completely free from fluoride, preservatives, and artificial flavors, ensuring a safe experience for both adults and children (under supervision for those aged 12 and under).

GuruNanda Whitening Pulling Oil offers a holistic approach to oral care, providing a natural solution for a cleaner mouth, a brighter smile, and fresher breath. Incorporate it into your daily routine and experience the benefits of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom combined with modern dental innovation.

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Now for the Pros and Cons
  1. Natural and holistic: GuruNanda Whitening Pulling Oil utilizes Ayurvedic principles and natural ingredients like MCT Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil, promoting oral health without harsh chemicals.
  2. Effective plaque removal: The swishing action of the oil helps to remove plaque buildup, leading to cleaner teeth and healthier gums.
  3. Fresh breath: The blend of coconut and mint oils leaves the mouth feeling refreshed and breath smelling clean.
  4. Convenient packaging: The 8 fl oz bottle comes with a tongue scraper, providing users with a comprehensive oral care solution in one package.
  5. Made in the USA: The product is proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and safety standards.
  1. Taste may not be appealing to everyone: While many users enjoy the refreshing taste of coconut and mint, some may find it overpowering or unpleasant.
  2. Initial discomfort: Some users may experience discomfort or gagging sensations when first starting oil pulling, though this often diminishes with continued use.
  3. Requires time commitment: Oil pulling typically requires swishing for 2-10 minutes, which may be a deterrent for those with busy schedules.
  4. Disposal can be messy: Properly disposing of used oil in the trash to prevent pipe clogs can be messy and inconvenient for some users.
  5. Not suitable for children without supervision: While safe for adults and children over 12, younger children may require supervision to ensure proper use and avoid ingestion.


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