Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range

Unleash Your Adventurer: Worry-Free Exploration with the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Imagine the joy of letting your furry friend roam leash-free, tail-wagging with pure freedom. With the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, that dream becomes a reality! Say goodbye to constant worry and hello to peace of mind, knowing exactly where your pet is at all times.

Unleash the Explorer:

  • GPS Tracking with Unlimited Range: No matter how far your adventurous spirit wanders, the Tractive tracker keeps you connected. See their real-time location on your phone, ensuring they never stray too far.
  • Virtual Fence Alerts: Set safe zones around your home or favorite park. If your pet crosses the boundary, you’ll receive instant notification, allowing you to intervene before any mishaps occur.
  • Activity Monitoring: Unleash your inner pet detective! Track your dog’s daily adventures, from distance traveled to calories burned, and gain valuable insights into their fitness and well-being.

Beyond Exploration, Enhanced Safety:

  • Built-in LED Light: Let your dog’s inner rockstar shine, even after dark. The integrated LED light increases visibility during walks and outdoor adventures, keeping them safe and seen.
  • Durable and Waterproof Design: From playful splashes to rainy day walks, the tracker and collar are built to withstand the elements, so your pet’s adventures can continue uninterrupted.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Enjoy worry-free exploration without weighing your dog down. The adjustable collar ensures a snug yet comfortable fit for all-day wear.


  • Subscription Required: Accessing the tracker’s full potential requires a monthly subscription fee. Consider different plans to find one that suits your needs.
  • Battery Life: While good, the battery life may not be ideal for extended adventures. Plan accordingly for longer trips.
  • App Reviews: Occasional app glitches or connectivity issues have been reported. Be mindful of potential hiccups.
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The Verdict:

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is more than just a location device; it’s a gateway to worry-free exploration and a deeper understanding of your furry friend. While a subscription and potential app quirks require consideration, the peace of mind and safety features make it a valuable investment for adventurous pets and their owners. So, unleash the adventurer within your pet and embark on worry-free journeys together!


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