Color Night Vision – Seeing Clearly in the Dark

The WYZE Cam v3 revolutionizes night vision with its innovative Starlight Sensor, enabling you to see in full, vibrant color even in environments up to 25 times darker than traditional cameras can handle. Thanks to its new f/1.6 aperture, this camera captures twice as much light, guaranteeing clarity and detail in your nighttime footage.

Enhanced Indoor/Outdoor Capability – Weatherproof and Versatile

The WYZE Cam v3 earns its stripes by withstanding the elements, boasting an IP65 rating that makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re monitoring your kids’ room or keeping watch over your backyard, you can confidently install this wired camera, rain or shine. To use it outdoors, just pair it with the WYZE Outdoor Power Adapter (available separately) for uninterrupted operation.

Smart Motion and Sound Detection – Stay Informed and Secure

Equipped with advanced motion and sound detection capabilities, the WYZE Cam v3 records video whenever activity is detected and sends instant alerts to your phone. With customizable Motion Detection Zones and sensitivity settings, you have full control over how the camera responds to movement, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.

Seamless Integration with IFTTT – Enhance Connectivity and Automation

Certified by IFTTT (If This Then That), the WYZE Cam v3 allows you to connect and automate various apps and devices for enhanced functionality. By creating custom triggers and actions, you can integrate your camera into your smart home ecosystem, enabling seamless interactions between different devices and applications. Plus, with a free account, you can unlock even more possibilities for personalized automation.

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  1. Vibrant Color Night Vision: With the WYZE Cam v3’s innovative Starlight Sensor, you can see your surroundings in full color, even in extremely dark conditions. Say goodbye to grainy, black-and-white footage—this camera brings your nighttime monitoring to life with vivid clarity.
  2. Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Use: Whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or you’re keeping watch indoors, the WYZE Cam v3 has you covered. Its IP65 rating means it can withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor installation. Plus, its sleek design seamlessly blends into any indoor space.
  3. Smart Motion and Sound Detection: Stay on top of things with the WYZE Cam v3’s motion and sound detection capabilities. Receive instant alerts on your phone whenever activity is detected, so you can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action.
  4. Continuous Recording: With support for 24/7 continuous recording using a MicroSD card (sold separately), you’ll never miss a moment. Simply pop in a compatible card and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your footage is always being captured and stored securely.
  5. IFTTT Integration: Take your smart home setup to the next level with IFTTT compatibility. Connect your WYZE Cam v3 to other devices and apps, and unlock a world of automation possibilities. Whether it’s turning on lights when motion is detected or triggering alerts on multiple platforms, the sky’s the limit.


  1. Outdoor Adapter Sold Separately: While the WYZE Cam v3 is built for outdoor use, you’ll need to purchase the Outdoor Power Adapter separately. This additional cost may be a drawback for some users looking for a complete outdoor solution out of the box.
  2. MicroSD Card Not Included: While the camera supports continuous recording with a MicroSD card, it’s important to note that the card itself is not included with the camera. This means an additional purchase is required for those who want to take advantage of this feature.

In my opinion, the WYZE Cam v3 offers an impressive array of features at an affordable price point. With its enhanced night vision, weatherproof design, and smart detection capabilities, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to bolster their home security setup with minimal hassle and maximum convenience.



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